It is the natural world that draws my interest, particularly landscapes, seascapes and plants. Also - lonely houses and farms, low light, mist and fog, slow-moving animals, and, occasionally, people. Photography and printmaking are central to my work. For years, I have been making handmade books and boxes. I now use portfolios and boxes to showcase photographs and prints.

In photography, I am studying light and shadow, the spectrum of focus, the seduction of color. I grow flowers and forage at local markets for visually interesting plants, including the small scapes of garlic plants and the small tendrils of squash and pumpkins. Tulips and their leaves have been photographic subjects for the several years. I photograph close up to show the intricate beauty and the calming, healing power of plants.

Currently in photography, I am producing archival inkjet and palladium photographic prints. I also make pochoir (stencil) prints and polymer photogravure prints.